Jane Jana Celebrant

What is a Celebrant?

A Celebrant works with you when you want to commemorate, celebrate or customise a ceremony for life’s landmark events. A wedding or a funeral are usually the Big Ones. But we might want to mark an engagement or commitment, an Adoption, an anniversary, renewing our vows or promises, or even a separation through divorce. 

Each life and each relationship is unique and a Celebrant enables you to plan an occasion that represents the life story, values and qualities of each person involved. We do this through readings, tributes, music and symbols that reflect the beliefs of those being remembered, joined together or connected in a significant way. 

Whether we are talking about the start or end of relationships, celebrating or mourning, the centre is always Love. We want to capture the exact nature of that love, whether it is sentimental, practical, or complicated. The elation of romance or the grief of loss usually feels beyond words. So we find ways to express it that are just right. 

The process is straightforward: we meet – in person or on the phone or by Skype/Zoom if needs be – to discuss what you have in mind. We can think of all the ingredients of the ceremony or service, considering pertinent words, music and images. Then I would make a draft and we pass it back and forth until you are happy.

This describes the general approach. Please look under the particular occasion – Wedding/Civil Partnership, Funeral, Other ceremonies – for what is relevant to you right now. Please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone for a no obligation chat. 


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